Chris showing off his fully articulated American Red Wolf skeleton. He made the case to house the skeleton as well.

Arkansas Center for Biodiversity Collection (ACBC): Collection of Recent Mammals (ASUMZ)

The ASUMZ holds over 25,000 mammal materials. The work being done in this collection is exclusively performed by volunteers, including faculty, instructors, and students. In addition to housing a large collection of local and regional mammals, Arkansas State University is federally recognized as the repository for all American Red Wolf materials.

ASUMZ Visitor

An undergraduate visitor interested in the bat collection

Final Product

Here is Zachary Campbell demonstrating a finished pelt

ASUMZ Visitors

Here are a bunch of biologists visiting the museum during a SBDN meeting

Flesh-eating beetles

We use dermestid beetles to clean skulls and other bones

Coyote and Red Wolf skulls

Research includes understanding the differences between various canid skulls

Red Wolf Curation

SUPERB scholarship students helping curate an American Red Wolf in the Arkansas Center for Biodiversity Collections