Kyle D Gustafson, PI

Assistant Professor of Parasitology, Department of Biological Sciences

Curator of Mammals, Arkansas Center for Biodiversity Collections

Graduate students

Zachary Campbell

PhD Env. Sci. student

Population genetics of coyotes in Arkansas and the conservation genomics of the American Red Wolf

Taylor Fiedor

MSc Biology student

Biodiversity of aquatic snails and their parasites in Ozark streams and wetlands

Currently active undergraduate students

Maria Bollinger

Alexandra Parette

Aiyana Dawson

Caleb LeGrand (photo coming)

Previous undergraduate students

Joseph Schroeder

Meghan Byrd

Benjamin Brown

Landen Ho

Laura Bean

The Wildlife Society conference

The Gustafson Lab at the AR TWS conference at DeGray Lake State Park

Red Wolf curation

SUPERB scholarship students helping curate an American Red Wolf in the Arkansas Center for Biodiversity Collections